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“I love my Carpio 2.0 enough to get one for each hand. I was never much for wrist rest before, but this is a game changer. The movement with your hand and the comfort over extended periods really make it feel exceptional. Highly recommend!”

Lance M.
Google Review

“I came across Carpio from YouTuber's who shared their desk setup and talking about CTS. At first I assume it was just another product that is fuelled with hyped. Well I dare to admit, I was wrong. After using Carpio 2.0 for about a month now, it does help to support the wrist and I no longer have the pain or feeling sore.”

Nuruddin Z.
Google Review

“It’s perfect for everyday use, it slides together with your hand instead of your hand being stuck in the wrist supporter. Carpio gives great support to your hand and, due to the soft silicone material used, it’s so comfortable you tend to forget you’re using it.”

Daya V.
Google Review

“This makes using a normal mouse much easier on the wrist and relieved the repetitive stress issues I was having. It may seem like a small piece of plastic, but it is a well engineered support and now with the right friction decreasing materials on bottom to move with your mouse”

David Alexander
Google Review

“Two months using two supports for both hands and the discomfort disappeared, they are very comfortable for long hours of work, I think they are worth it for the benefit they provide to health”

Juan Pablo O.
Google review

“Slovenia not only brought us Luka Dončić, but also DeltaHub.”

Google Review

“I can honestly say that this has been a worthwhile purchase. For someone who uses a mouse for many hours of the day, this is an immense relief for the wrist. It is an excellent gift that I have given twice already.”

Nikolas F.
Google Review

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