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“I purchased the first edition Carpio about a year or two ago for my husband. Once I saw that it really helped ease the pain in his wrists I was on board! Since then I've purchased 4 Carpio 2.0's, one for myself and 3 as gifts. It makes such a difference for your hand that you immediately know it's not there when on your computer. More than likely I will also be purchasing a Carpio 2.0 for my left hand too!”

S. Guerra
Google Reviews

“I can honestly say that this has been a worthwhile purchase. For someone who uses a mouse for many hours of the day, this is an immense relief for the wrist. It is an excellent gift that I have given twice already.”

N. Fiut
Google Reviews

“I love my Carpio².⁰ enough to get one for each hand. I was never much for wrist rest before, but this is a game changer. The movement with your hand and the comfort over extended periods really make it feel exceptional. Highly recommend from a real purchaser.”

G. Lance
Google Reviews