Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads
Carpio G2.0 + FREE Replaceable Pads
Manager by day, gamer by night
Change Carpio G2.0 from office to game mode in seconds.
Mix and match
Choose between three different pads colors.
For gamers who care about aesthetics
Match the pads to your setup.
Our most popular product
Our first batch of Carpio G2.0 sold out in hours.

"I can’t imagine myself playing games without it."

Viktor Velichkovsky, Performance Coach for Cyber Wolves

"The added support feels great and I immediately noticed less stress and fatigue in my wrist after full days of editing or gaming."


Youtube Creator

Relieve Your Wrist

Carpio G2.0 lifts your wrist for about a centimeter and reduces the harmful extension, thus keeping your wrist in a natural position.

Unlock a brand new style

With Carpio Replaceable Pads unlock a brand new style, totally unique to you. Create combinations that will suit you and your setup.

Inspired by the community, approved by gamers

We asked do you need this, and our community of gamers said — hell yeah! Carpio G2.0 is best-suitable for MOBA games, tested by professional esports players.

Designed with physicians

Carpio G2.0 reinforces pressure on the thenar and hypothenar parts of your palm, and it ensures that your whole arm glides in sync with your mouse.

More freedom

With the new adjustable silicone strap and magnetic attachment mechanism, Carpio G2.0 follows your every move.

Special colors

Much like the product itself, this colorway was inspired by our community. Every year they help us choose the perfect colors, and every year they sell out in seconds.

Enhanced performance

There is no reason for wrist fatigue to slow you down.

From gaming nights to productive mornings

Replaceable pads are suitable for both Carpio G2.0 and Carpio 2.0. Now you can transform your gaming wrist rest into the work mode wrist rest in just a couple of seconds.
From $39.90

What comes in the bundle?

- 1x Carpio G2.0
- 1x Carpio Replaceable Pads

Two for one!

One Carpio - two modes. Switch from Office mode to Gaming mode in seconds.

“The mission for DeltaHub is is what I look for especially for someone who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, and mild neuropathy just in the wrists alone. I've used it for a few months and most days I don't even think about it. It's just there providing comfort and not an inconvenience. I've used it for 100+ hours of designing and typesetting, and also many hours of **gaming.** For me, it did not take any getting used to. For someone else, it may take some time.”

Mellyssa D.
Google Reviews

“I can’t express how good the new Carpio 2.0 is. Small gadget but a real lifesaver for my wrist. The packaging & company approach is just amazing. DeltaHub you guys rock!!”

Adrian M.
Google Reviews

“At first, I was skeptical about the Carpio not working but I gave it a chance for a couple of days and I still can't comprehend how it allows me to be hours at my desk using my mouse for productivity and/or gaming and I barely feel any pain or stress in my wrist. Game changer.”

Cristian R.
Google Reviews

Carpio G2.0 on YouTube

The Making of Carpio G2.0

Let's take a look behind the scenes and see how Carpio G2.0 came to life.