Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE
Full Ergo Setup 1+1 FREE
ergonomic = productive
Increase your productivity levels with a fully ergonomic setup.
A more organized workspace
This bundle will help keep your workspace in tip-top shape
Best. Deal. Ever.
3 free Carpio 2.0s + one for 10€ + 2 desk pads = one amazing deal
Many sizes and colors
three desk pad sizes, three wrist rest colors

"Last year there were 470,000 workers in the UK, affected by work related musculoskeletal disorders. Of this number 45% involved the upper limb or neck."

Study by Health & Safety Executive

How to use?

It's really easy! Check out this video of Jan, CEO and see how simple it is.

Wrist rests don't prevent wrist pain. Carpio 2.0 does.

"Conventional gel wrist rests can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. We've made Carpio different."
Marko Mikša, MD

- Medical Expert, DeltaHub

Relieve your wrist

Carpio 2.0 lifts your wrist for about a centimeter and reduces the harmful extension, thus keeping your wrist in a natural position.

Organized space, organized mind

Looking organized and tidy is no longer a hassle. Adding a desk pad is a simple yet effective way to make your workspace stand out.

Backed up by science

It took a year of medical consultations and testing, lots of comparative MRI examinations, dozens of prototypes, and more 3D-printed hand molds than we could count to create Carpio 2.0.

Make your workspace cozy

Placing down your Minimalistic Desk Pad will transcend your workspace into a more cozy, warm, and comfortable aesthetic. It creates an inviting atmosphere that increases your creativity and productivity levels.

Best things come in pairs

The best way to use Carpio 2.0 is to pair it up — with another Carpio 2.0. One for the mouse and the other one for the keyboard, so both of your wrists can be taken care of.

No more scratches

Our desk pad acts as a soft barrier between your desk and your gear, minimizing any chances of scratching and other potential damage.
From $114.70

“Premium quality without the premium price tag. The desk pad is wide enough, doesn't move, and helps when I lay my iPad down to keep it from getting scratched.”

Google Reviews

“It’s perfect for everyday use, it slides together with your hand instead of your hand being stuck in the wrist supporter. Carpio gives great support to your hand and, due to the soft silicone material used, it’s so comfortable you tend to forget you’re using it.”

Daya V.
Google Reviews

“Slovenia not only brought us Luka Dončić, but also DeltaHub.”

Google Reviews

“I love my Carpio 2.0 enough to get one for each hand. I was never much for wrist rest before, but this is a game changer. The movement with your hand and the comfort over extended periods really make it feel exceptional. Highly recommend!”

Lance M.
Google Reviews

Our products on YouTube

A piece of plastic, you say?

Here's a look into how we created our flagship product Carpio 2.0.

What comes in the bundle?

- 2x Carpio 2.0 Right
- 2x Carpio 2.0 Left
- 2x Minimalistic Desk Pad

Next level performance

Having an organized setup can significantly increase your productivity levels, keep you more focused and willing to do that extra push to achieve your ultimate goal.