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Ergonomic setup in one click

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Ergonomic setup
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No more wrist fatigue
Keep your wrist health in check at all times
Effortless gliding
Teflon and Neoprene make a frictionless combo
Focus on the screen, not the mess
Small step for you, great step for your setup
From $63.80


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The Neoprene and Teflon combo really amps up the experience. No friction, just effortless gliding to your heart’s content. It’s like these two have been made for each other. 

We asked Rika, our friend and Twitch streamer, how was her month-long testing period of Carpio G2.0 and Gaming Desk Mat.
GoldPr1ncess Rika

Twitch streamer

Trusted by +200.000 users

Since 2020 our ergonomic wrist rests are relieving wrists of more than 200k people around the globe. Carpio G2.0 with the removable strap offers more stability and security and is rapidly becoming a biggest seller.

Glide like a pro

The Neoprene surface is the perfect surface for you to glide your mouse on. By forming even less friction, you’ll be able to waste less energy moving your mouse around, and easily focus on the task ahead, especially in those crucial moments.

Continuous wrist support

Carpio G2.0 lifts your wrist for about a centimeter and reduces the harmful extension, thus keeping your wrist in a natural position.

Water? What water?

Don’t let that spilled drink stop you. Desk mat's high quality Neopren material repels liquids like it's nothing.

Doesn't move - at all.

While in the zone, you shouldn't worry about your desk mat sliding around. The high density rubber base takes care of that, ensuring your gaming desk mat stays in place at all times.

A design backed by medical experts

After a year of consultations, MRI examinations, prototypes and 3D hand models we developed Carpio 2.0, so can do what you love without fear of wrist pain slowing your down

Ergonomic setup at your fingertips

Achieving an ergonomic setup is no easy feat, but with the combined power of our Carpio G2.0 and Gaming Desk Mat, you'll get there in no time. Just roll it out, place your Carpio down and enjoy your setup without any fear of potential pain slowing you down.

Who won? Carpio G2.0 vs regular wrist rest


Carpio G2.0 + Gaming Desk Mat 20% OFF
This bundle is basically a highway to a perfect ergonomic setup.


Experience everything this epic Gaming Bundle has to offer.

Roll it out on your desk giving it an instant level up, sporting a more modern and put together look. After you're all set, strap on your Carpio G2.0 and watch as your arm effortlessly glides around your workspace.

Check the BTS of Carpio G2.0 design process

Adam S.


I never recommend let alone endorse random products like this. This is hands down the biggest game changer for me as a PC gamer. Very comfy, convenient, but most importantly it is extremely consistent. I noticed within the first day that my aim was noticeably more consistent in game although my aim labs scores did not show this until 2 days later. After a week I have set new personal kill records on mw2, seen significant improvements (10-20%) on my aim labs scores, and done this with near no wrist pain. An actual game changer product, especially for those of you who wish you could attach mouse skates to your wrist.

Erika R.

Twitch Streamer

As a gamer who plays Valorant, CS:GO, and Apex, I found it tough at first to get used to wearing Carpio G2.0 while gaming. But after 10 days, it's become a game-changer for me. It helps me game for longer periods without any discomfort, and I can't imagine playing without it now. If you're looking for a way to stay comfortable while gaming, I highly recommend giving DeltaHub's wrist rest a try!


I like gaming. I also like being able to use my hands for other things. This thing? Whatever magic angle it uses, I no longer have to ice my hand in an age's worth of frozen peas for it to be worth something again.

It works. I forget I have it on sometimes, I honestly love it.


As a part-time DJ and developer, I can confidently say that the detachable strap on my Carpio G2.0 wrist support is an absolute game-changer. It's the perfect solution for when I'm DJ-ing, as it stays securely attached without any fuss. And when I'm coding, I can detach the strap and use it as a regular wrist support. It's a must-have for anyone looking for comfort and flexibility in their gaming or work setup.

Carpio G2.0 storming the web

- Carpio G2.0 - Silicone padding - ABS base - PTFE Teflon feet

- Gaming Desk Mat - Neoprene top material - Non-slip rubber bottom

The Carpio G2.0 pads are made of silicone, so in case of any spills and stains just use a wet wipe and it should go away instantly. The Neoprene material of the Gaming Desk Mat is naturally water repellent, so spills just slide off, just like with Carpio G2.0, all you need is a wet wipe of sorts.

You can measure your perfect G2.0 size by placing your credit card (it’s the same size as S) on your palm, and if your palm is bigger you should opt for the L, and if it’s the same size then S is your perfect match. With the mat, narrower desks should opt for the Small, while the Large fits wider tables better. In the end the choice is yours, choose one you think will fit you better.

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